A Brief Fling

I am sure you will have noticed that I have not posted for a while. I have also not painted for more than a few weeks. After a fab holiday in Ibiza, I really need to find some inspiration, so thought I would have another dabble with the Artrage programme. Because you are not wasting paint or paper and only wiping a few pixels when you make a mistake, you can really let loose and all sorts of images start to appear. Don’t ask me where the one above came from?… hopefully some deep creativity unbound from the constraints of the costs of raw materials!!. It does have its limitations ie, lack of control, as my finger slips and slides over the touchpad, but maybe that is also the beauty of it – its looseness, imperfect lines and mismatched proportions.

Is this a brief fling to get me back into painting or will it become something more?

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