A day to cherish - our wedding street party!!

Our street party for the Royal Wedding was the most amazing day.. After watching the TV coverage and dashing to friends to catch some of it, the road closure signs were put out and it was all go from the minute the bell was rung up and down the street. Everyone was out, carrying their tables, flowers, food, chairs and helping their neighbours set up.

Pinning down the cloths

Friends and family joined in and there was a wonderful atmosphere on a beautiful day, as we all shared our scones, cakes and sandwiches along with stories of old as people took in the memory and history boards of the road that had been put together. There had never been as street party here before and it will certainly not be the last. Residents made the effort to talk to as many different people as possible, with new friendships being formed and for some, old friends rediscovered. The triumph of the day had to be the entertainment provided by residents, Dick and Ann Dingle who played accordian and guitar all afternoon.

By Golly, I do believe Kim has a cup of tea in her hand.

The cutting of the Wedding Cake for all to share

Music has a way of lifting the spirit like nothing else and it was a “party” in the true sense of the word. A perfect way to celebrate where young and old got together and where bonds of friendship will bind us together in the true sense of neighbourliness. The tables weren’t cleared off the road until 8’ish as the last embers of the barbeque died down. Talk was of making it an annual event, or at least for next year for the Diamond Jubilee.

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