A Wedding turns out to be a good selling point

When I went to Bude Castle today to collect my paintings I discovered I had sold five which have all gone to homes where they will be enjoyed and provide people memories of their time in Bude. What I didn’t bargain for, is another marketing angle which has a wonderful story. The exhibition room is a beautiful space and is also used increasingly for weddings. Two weeks ago the father of the bride, bought his daughter one my paintings which depicted the North Cornish Coast and provided them with a wonderful memento of the day as I believe they came from Yorkshire.

It is not a particularly old building, but the setting is wonderful. Above is a photo of Bude Castle from the front, but what you cannot see is what is behind it and to the side. Directly behind it are the river, sand dunes and the beach which can all be viewed from the restaurant. To the side is the Bude Canal. The whole area is quite unique and has been renovated over the last decade preserving its heritage, but also making it very accessible and usable for everyone and all sorts of events.

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