Art Anon - Postcard Exhibition

Arthouse in Penzance ( cornwall) are holding an exhibition of donated postcard sized artworks. I intended to post a picture of the two postcards I have created, but then realised they have to be anonymous! When I know details of when and where, I will post them up and perhaps post the postcards up after they have been sold. I am very pleased with them. As I usually paint larger canvases, it was quite a challenge, but it gave me an opportunity to explore colour relationships, as I used left over bits of paint from canvases I am working on at the moment.

Details so far are below. Will let you know about location and time a.s.a.p. but it will be in Penzance.

Postcard ART ANON Exhibition

to raise money for the ‘Come Together’ compound (a school in Andre Pradesh, India.)

Postcard-sized art form many invited artists – including some very famous names

All art is signed on the back and priced at £10 each….so if you can spot the gem -you could be acquiring a valuable piece of art for as little as the price of a takeaway!

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