Beach Aware and Loving it.

Life is good and I feel so blessed to live so close to the sea. Whatever the weather and when ever I wish, I can go to the beach and I’ve certainly made the most of these opportunities this winter.

It will be the second ‘It’s Not Rubbish Art Show’ in June and with this in mind, I’ve spent a lot of time collecting things from the beaches, those fishing gloves and lost ghost gear, line and net, coloured pieces of plastic and the odd wellie boot and shoe.

Either as a one man band, with Postie Jo, Widemouth Task Force, the National Trust or 2minutebeachclean, it’s been a memorable winter of beach cleans, often loading the car with bags of plastic rubbish, fishing crates and nets.

Annie and I took two large nets into the local school and did a weaving afternoon and have plans to make some larger sculptures for the art show with the remnants.

A year dominated by beach awareness, and as I’m moving into a newly refurbished studio at the farm this year, will be fantastic editions to hang alongside some new artwork.

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