Bude Sea Pool Art Show team

Bude Sea Pool Postcard exhibition and Auction

In May 2022, I curated and helped to organise an art show as a major fundraiser for Bude Sea Pool. 

I learnt to swim in the pool and it is 93 years old.  In 2012 , the 'Friends ' took over the management after the local council withdrew all funding.   It costs a lot of money to keep it going, and to celebrate it being under the Friends for 10 years, it was suggested an art exhibition be held. 

I came up with the idea of the postcards for sale.  Donated small pieces of artwork from professional artists all over Cornwall along with some celebrities.  We had an amazing response with some beautiful pieces which were snapped up in the first few hours of the weekend show. 

To make it a bigger event, we also held an auction of donated pieces of art, craft, photography, books and sculpture.  The total raised was £17,000 which was phenomenal for a little town.  My painting was very much in demand following the Rick Stein appearance which added to the drama and whole experience of the event.  

It was a lot of work, but worth it.  I did mean people had to wait for my new paintings to be finished, but apparently they were all worth the wait. 

Bude Sea Pool Art Extravaganza May 2022

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