Carry a Smile on your Face, Have a Thankful HeART, like CREO

Drifting in and out of sleep, the early morning is the time when relaxed, the mind has unravelled but I will wake suddenly with an idea, usually some words which have come together that I don’t want to forget. Rather than snuggling down under the duvet on this cold march morning, I got up trying to put my dressing gown on upside down, grasping the tail of the words I have in my mind before they run away from me forever.

I know a man Leonard Creo, the father of a close friend. He was recently interviewed and filmed by a university student, Moss Davis as part of his film studies and I want to share it with you.
I say ‘I know a man’. What I really want to say is ‘I have MET a man who has such spirit and enthusiasm for life, he provokes thought and change and is never forgotten’

At this point, rather than read on I want you to watch the short film below and you too can then appreciate the man. The beauty of this film is that a man of a mere 20 years has captured the essence of a man who has lived 90 years. Watch and enjoy this Vimeo film by Moss Davis


I love the simplicity and honesty and his whole philosophy. As is the man, Creo’s artwork is full of honesty and gentleness and light. Artist strive to capture light and he achieves it with such a deftness of touch with soft blending and lots and lots of colour! Art is also “non verbal communication” and we all hope that our art makes that connection.

This man has such a strong life force, he lights up the room when he enters , a man who has lived and breathed Art for so many years he has learnt to see the world and simplify it, see beyond the surface. His paintings and sculpture are full of emotion and story where we can make our own ending.

For when I meet Creo, he wants to talk ART! He has lived and breathed Art for a lifetime as a professional artist and the passion is still there. We don’t talk about what is happening in the art world or other art, but about the process and what I think is true Art, what you see around you, REALLY SEE. He has also embraced technology at 90 and challenges his art process by trying out new techniques and inspires others to do so too.

When I think of him, it reminds me of a lovely phrase I found in my great grandmothers autograph book from the early 1900’s and which I made into a wallhanging. It reads….
“carry a smile on your face and have a thankful heart” Says it all really.

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