Confessions of a Fair Weather Camper

After some discussion and a look at the weather forecast, we decided at the last minute to have B & B for our two nights away and after finding a £295 hotel for £110, it didn’t take much to persaud either of this that this was the way to go.

Cornwall is a tale of two very contrasting coastlines and although there wasn’t the surf beaches we love, the south coast was definately warmer and more sheltered. We stayed in Portloe on the Roseland Peninsula for a luxurious night and then had a night in Falmouth with cocktails and fish and chips.

Portloe on the Roseland Peninsula

The van did come in handy however for the odd cup of tea.

Tea at Loe Beach

We passed a little beach on the Fal estuary called Loe Beach and it was lovely. I rang my Mum from there as it rang a bell with me as being a favourite spot of my parents and she was delighted to hear that the cafe shack was still there with its corrugated roof. We hugged the coast road as much as possible down lanes barely wide enough to take the van, but could see the most amazing monied properties with private slipways.

Falmouth was a bit of mishmash of tired looking buildings and people, but also of wonderful eateries with seafood and a couple of great galleries from which I took inspiration. Our purpose of the trip was to visit an exhibition of my Art Hero Kurt Jackson and it didn’t disappoint. Two enormous canvases of approx 10 ft by 8ft filled the walls alongside some of his own private collection.

Kurt's 10ft picture of Glasto festival

I could have stayed there all day if wasn’t for the luxury of B & B number 2 which was truly fab.

Definately think we spend too much effort scrimping on our hols with the van and its very basic amenities, but when we have more settled weather, the Lizard is the next stop and we will definately be using the Van.

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