Cornwall Art Map 2012

Galleries have a number of overheads with business rates, rent, wages etc, so it is not surprising that they have to charge up to 60% commission to sell your work. This also means inflating your own price by a huge margin or selling your work for a pittance.

Being able to promote your art via your own website or online galleries has reduced costs but it is still somewhat limiting when trying to gain access to the wider public.

So… welcome to ARTMAP, the brainchild of Victor Rogers. In its fourth year, this is a map of Cornwall showing cornish artists that can be contacted directly, with information on websites, exhibitions and a sample of work. These will be distributed to all the tourist information centres, large houses and gardens, some hotels and other points of contact for tourists visiting the area.

This will be my first year on ArtMap and being in the North of the county I am out on a bit of a limb, but at least am not lost in the myriad of names in the heel of Cornwall. Lets hope it will be worth it.

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