'Cruel and Curious' Exhibition 2016, Seeking Inspiration

'Cruel and Curious' Exhibition 2016, Seeking Inspiration

It’s just six weeks until the Cruel and Curious Exhibition for 2016 with the theme of Sanctuary. My mind has preoccupied with this theme for the past weeks and it is now time to work in ernest.

I have known for several months that I wanted to paint on aluminium. It’s a tough unforgiving surface which allows me to concentrate on the process. It becomes all about the paint; the feel, the lustre, the texture and alchemy of colour and materials.

I have a library of images to work from but it’s always good to have more. Duckpool and Coombe Valley are where my focus for the exhibition is fixed but a trip last night to Widemouth Bay provided me with the ideal conditions for some balmy diffused light images as the sun was going down.

There will be more to follow on this journey of exploration and my story for this year’s ‘Cruel and Curious’ Art show, so pop back for more art musings over the coming weeks.

Here are a few images to inspire.

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