Driftwood Days and Arty Cards

It’s been a winter of driftwood collecting. Rough seas, winds and high tides have all been conducive to washing up lots of driftwood. From worn rounded pieces to longer flatter pieces, we have collected various shapes and sizes and put it drying by the woodburner. Locals have all collected a stash of 2 x 1 that washed up and put to various uses.

We have a great beachside cafe here called Rosies Kitchen. It is the perfect place to display my cards. They suit the location perfectly and having seen some samples, Tom and Lisa were more than happy to have them displayed there. We are also very good customers too. A sunday morning social with a fab large coffee or just to get out of the weather to admire the sea out the window needs no excuse at all!

Don got busy making up a couple of display units and they looked wonderful. Using the flatter pieces at the back and twiddly bits to keep the cards in. Not having done it before, he did a pretty good job from the kitchen table.


Today, we took them down to Rosies Kitchen. 15 different Art Cards are displayed for sale, all images taken from original paintings I have done over the last two years.

Cards on display at Rosies Kitchen, Bude

If you are down this way, pop in to take a look and don’t forget to try the coffee. The best around!

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