Elderflower update and exhibition preparations

My elderflower champagne has already blown a top! On Wednesday morning there was a loud bang and I couldn’t think where it came from, so dismissed it. It wasn’t until I went to the cupboard later that afternoon that I found one of the lids had blown off my elderflower. Thankfully it had not completely exploded, but the fermentation has already started and I have had to release all the other bottles as well. And it already tastes fantastic. There won’t be any alcohol content yet but it makes a great fizzy drink.

My arty posts have not been so frequent as there have been lots of family birthdays and celebrations to organise, but I did collect 6 paintings today from the framers all in preparation for a forthcoming exhibition .

I have also entered the Country Living kitchen table talent awards. The competition is for all amateurs who have a passion for Art, Gardening, Cooking, Writing to enter their appropriate category. The hardest thing was to keep what inspires me to 500 words.

Exhibition details to follow next week.

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