Escape to the Lizard in the Bongo

I am the Birthday Girl this week, so Don and I took off in the Bongo for a couple of days to the Lizard, Cornwall, before I really get into exhibition mode.

The Bongo ( our bijoux camping van) has taken us to the most secret glorious spots all over Cornwall in the last 5 years, but The Lizard area is probably the furthest distance across Cornwall from Bude and there was a campsite I have wanted to stay at for a couple of years. Henrys Campsite. It’s logo is “strange, but wonderful”. I think I would change that to ” an oasis of quirky happiness”. Tucked down a track off the Lizard village, you cannot help but smile as you arrive. Wooden sculptures of seagulls, colourful buoys and tropical plants surround the small buildings that make up the tiny shop, homely reception and unisex bang bang showers and toilets.

Escorted to our pitch, we were greeted by a family of ducks.The view of the sea was breathtaking. Mind you, we had arrived on the most glorious May day. Most pitches are contained within cornish stone walls with tropical and wild planting.

There were so many quirky areas. I loved the tractor seat, coffee table area. Sit on one if you ever get the chance; although solid metal, they are the most comfy of seats. We couldn’t quite work out why the boat was above the shower block, but why not!

sea pinks, lichen and pure air

The cove from Henry’s

Over the years I have seen most of Cornwall, but with 300 miles of coastline, there will always be new places to explore. From the campsite, we could walk to the coast path and over the cliffs to Kynance Cove. The tide was high, so after scrambling over and under rocks, we managed to get to the cafe and sit on the bank admiring the shimmer on the sea. The colour of the water here is azure, from green to turquoise. It is such a contrast to the North Coast where we live. Although you don’t get the surf, it means that the sand is not disturbed and you can see right to the bottom.

We only stayed one night in the end. The evenings are still chilly and our van is only really equipped for fair weather camping. Henry’s do have a communal fire pit area though, or you can hire your own fire basket with logs.

We only saw one sign. It stated…

” Beware.. Signs have sharp edges! We rely on people’s common sense”

No signs makes for a more relaxed vibe.

We will definately be back. There is much to explore here from the wilderness of the most southerly point of the England, to the sheltered estuary of the Helford River. I had to share this with you… but shh!! don’t tell too many people. It’s our secret. 😉

And that is it’s charm.

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