Go for it!

I am painting my largest canvas to date 100cm square. It requires a large brush and lot of bravery to get the first paint down. I had an idea in mind and like to paint my underpainting loosely. This gives me a feel for it and I love what the paint does sometimes when very wet, running into other colours and creating great effects which I try to preserve leaving them to show through subsequent layers. Cobalt blue for summer skies was applied liberally. My first intention was to paint a distant seascape looking over a cornish hedge, but when dry I viewed it from different angles and a different painting completely was coming to me. I have ended up turning it upside down as lovely foamy waves started to appear. So it is going to be a large seascape with the tide running up the beach. I will leave it to your imagination at the moment as all will be revealed in due course.

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