One hour of one Ordinary Day, but a Lifetime Memory

The sound of our neighbour leaving for work at 7 am wakes me most mornings. Thankfully the days are starting to draw out already and the birds singing. After a quick mug of hot water and lemon, (my daily ritual), I donned the wellie boots, my favourite beach hat, gloves and a shoulder bag and headed to the beach.

Just off high tide, with the sun just rising, and quite a breeze it was definately refreshing down on the shoreline. But the light was magical, dancing on the tide ripples, and catching the surf as it blasted over the breakwater. The weather has still been stormy with rain clouds racing in and I’ve lost count of the number of rainbows I have seen this week, but I’m loving the dramatic skies and warmly lit cummulus clouds with the brightest clear blues peaking through in between the moody heavy darker leaden clouds. I only had my mobile phone with me but got some lovely pics. (see below)

There was very little to collect that was useful. I’m desperately looking for more mermaid purses to gold leaf, light and box as well as shapely pieces of bright plastic for another project. It’s often the case that you come across something else entirely as was the case this morning… a large piece of frayed marine ply from some poor boat.

It was heavy and wet, but I managed to drag it to the surf club for collection in the van later. I want to explore different surfaces to paint on. I like the idea of painting on found wood for some artwork for the Cruel and Curious Sea expo this year.

I also had time for a #2minutebeachclean, picking up some rope, and a crushed buoy, an idea started by a neighbour and author of Camper Van Living Cookbooks. I’m surprised I didn’t bump into Martin. Judging by the amount of tweets and pics on instagram, I think he’s been to the beach most days.

I walked home with Mary and her little dog Bobby and chatted arty stuff. We are very lucky to live in a road of very lovely people and although I had to slow the pace and it was pouring with rain, it was one of those magical moments when it really didn’t matter.

After a few pretty manic days lately when I seem to be haring around and not really achieving anything, spending this one hour on this one ordinary day, walking and being immersed in nature and solitude, I had done a lot of head sorting, art planning and was ready to face the day with memories of a very special time and feeling very blessed to live in such a special place with special people.

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