Port Eliot Festival - You are the best ever

Our fourth year at Port Eliot Festival and don’t think we will ever tire of it. The whole place resonates with a happy friendly vibe in the most glorious beautiful setting there ever could be.

From first thing in the morning, all the senses are delighted. Our eyes to the wonderful fashion and flowers brought to Cornwall from London, our ears to cultured conversation and talks, from the small tent of Andrews Arcadia to the bowling green and beyond, our taste buds to venetian tapas and aperol spritzers from Russell Norman of Pulpo and the tequila tasting sessions, our noses to the smell of the estuary mud and good coffee, to dancing in the Boogie Round at two in the morning and to the peace and stillness of the campsite in the first light of the morning.

Port Eliot Festival has something for everyone and without writing a book it is difficult to convey everything, but the following words capture something of what it is about. Beautiful, Quirky ,Inspiring, Friendly, Arty, Totally Magical. Music of great contrasts, from the Staves in the church, to the lift you off the floor sounds from The Bees and Toy. Bloody Fantastic!

River reflection

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