Putting 'Coastscape' into the dictionary

Putting 'Coastscape' into the dictionary

I paint the sea and landscape, sometimes seperately but often together and it’s mostly about where the two meet. It seems natural to me that the word ‘Coastscape’ might exist, but the dictionary and a Google search brought no results.

We have ‘landscape’, ‘seascape’, ‘cityscape’. but I need a descriptive word to portray the view that encompasses both sea and coast which defines what I paint. So I’m going to ignore the red wiggle line underneath my new word and also adopt it as a new hashtag. It might even become part of my new exhibition title. Does it sound right to you? Maybe it will make it into the dictionary one day .

Coastscape by Sue Read, Cornish artist

Coastal Dreams 100 cm x 70 cm Oil and Acrylic on deep Canvas £525

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