Relax and Refocus

After all the organisation of the Royal Wedding street Party, I am able to relax, get back to a bit of house tidying and gardening and Painting! I finished a large painting which I am sure is my best to date! I am not going to post pictures of latest work as I am keeping it for its first show at my Exhibition in June. More details will follow, but I have 10 pieces of work to submit which I am very pleased with. 5 are awaiting framing and need to dry before that can be done, but I have at least booked a slot with the framers. So I now only have 2 canvases in my studio. One is large and the other is gigantic. Am I brave enough to start it. Part of me can’t wait. But for me this is always part of the problem….. I don’t want to rush into it. Do I plan and it becomes tight or do I just instinctively paint. I like to do the latter, but sometimes think a little forethought doesn’t go amiss. Will let you know how its going in the next post.

As a postnote, if anyone wants to see our fantastic street party on facebook, I think the photos can be viewed at

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