Seth Lakeman Rocks!

A gig on a beach called the ‘Sundowner’. Who could resist? Newquay is not my favourite place, but go just outside and it has the most amazing beaches, lined up the North Cornish Coast, starting with Lusty Glaze.

In Cornish Lostyn Glas, it means little green tail of land, but Lusty Glaze is so much more evocative.

seth, lusty glaze june 2013 (2) (640x480)seth, lusty glaze june 2013 (8) (480x640)

What a fabulous name for a beach. Privately owned, it is immaculate and beautiful and when you add a stage and great musicians with the sea, sun and sand it becomes something truly magical.

We arrived late afternoon to take in some sun, a few drinks and watch as people snaked down the steep path to take their places. Two support bands and then the main man.. Seth Lakeman. Charismatic, showman, great looking, the best voice and fiddle & guitar player to boot.

seth, lusty glaze june 2013 (24) (480x640)

seth, lusty glaze june 2013 (15) (480x640)

Through the three and half hours.. yes there was that much music, mesmerized by the stage, everyone kept turning to see the sun drop down over the sea and watch in awe.

We didn’t get home til midnight buzzing, having danced the night away with a great crowd of people. I’ll definately be looking out for more gigs here and promise to return all the sand I tipped out of my shoes. Jigging around I think I brought half the beach home with me.

seth, lusty glaze june 2013 (1) (640x480)

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