Spirit of the Sea ... in Cornish... Spyrys An Mor

Spirit of the sea sounds so romantic in Cornish, and perhaps this describes my style of painting. Energetic, but with a romanticism about it, picking out the beauty in all things in nature, even finding it in the depths of the winter hedge.

This is the title for my solo ART Exhibition which begins this weekend.

With the sea in always in view, there’s always an immediate feeling of peace. It calms and lifts the spirit in all weathers, even through some of the stormy spring, early summer weather we are experiencing at the moment.

Is it the space, the infinite horizon that allows the eye to relax into it? Or is the memory, instant transportation to a time you spent on the beach which has stayed deep. All what has become known as the ‘feelgood factor’

All these things mean something to all of us. All encompassed in the ‘Spyrys An Mor’, Spirit of the Sea.

Manonabeach is an internet phenomenon who asks “What does the beach mean to you”. There are hundreds of short videos of him interviewing people of various beaches all around the country.

Here is his story www.manonabeach.com And his YouTube page. He started his journey in Cornwall but has taken it everywhere calling journeys around the coast. He remains anonymous, to keep the focus on the beaches, but has got an invite to my exhibition. I am not expecting him to introduce himself, but I will keep my out for him at the Private Viewing.

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