The Icing on the Cake

What a month! The Mordros exhibition was a great success. The icing on the cake was to go in on Monday and find that Summer Storm, Bude Breakwater had sold to a couple who had got married at the castle on Saturday. I was lucky enough to meet them and they were a lovely couple who feel in love with the painting which provided a lasting momento of the day. Fabulous!!

Many people left comments and included ” Something to aspire to”, “very representative of this beautiful coast”, “really liked the use of colour and beautiful freeness and movement of the sea”, “how lovely to see such a body of work, absolutely wonderful stuff”,

Special thanks to Johnny the Pirate “Great… keep up the good work” and Lord St Germans ” Paintings have captured the light in the Port Eliot cocktail bar. Beautiful! ” I think I know who you are under these pseudonyms and thankyou, they made me smile.

So.. what next? How do I top this? Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk comes to mind. I rewatched it and tried to take some summary notes to pass on, but she speaks so eloquently, I recommend you watch it yourself.

If this video doesn’t work, here is the link

So, refreshed after a holiday in Spain, I am ready for new ideas and am not going to be commercially driven, but to paint what I feel and as this is what seems to connect people strongly to it, it has to be the way forward and if it sells, it sells, but this must not be the driving force.

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