"The View from the Shore"

After the Amsterdam trip, time just flew. It was a time to get the exhibition together, finish two large seascapes, do some promotion, help out with Bude Arts and Music and Summer Festival organising and say goodbye to our beloved Bongo.

We’ve had the bongo for 8 years! and had some great little trips in it, so with lots of memories it was hard to say goodbye, but although still an amazing workhorse, it drank fuel and was getting a little rusty around the edges. I was also concerned about getting my artwork around. A new vehicle depended on being able to get my largest latest piece in the back. At 150cm x 110 cm, we managed to find the perfect car, what we were looking for a BIG little car ( if that makes sense?!)

The exhibition date was set for 28th April – 16th May and I needed to be uber organised as I was leaving for Italy the day after it opened. Excitement ensued when I was contacted by a gallery in Plymouth to take my work. It did suddenly take the pressure off a little having put so much into this one exhibition.

Friends Jane and Hannah helped me hang all 26 pieces in around 2 hours. Definately getting the hang of this now. It looked fabulous and lots of people came to the private viewing. I had some lovely pieces written in the Barefoot Cornwall Art Blog and Cornish Guardian and feedback was incredible. My style is definately developing and with a trip to Italy painting green and a weekend booked for Abstract at the Newlyn Art School, my art practice looks set to be challenged over the coming months… Bring it on!

On returning from my Italy trip. Read more about it here….. I’d sold 6 pieces and 2 prints, with the large title piece selling just afterwards. A great result.

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