"Tom's Wave"

“Toms Wave” has been delivered to my son, so its safe for me to post it here now. He had no idea I was bringing it with me on my last visit and was really chuffed. He loves it and it looks great in his airy flat. It really was a loose painting, dripping, smudging and dragging using big sweeping arm movements which needed to be very confident and bold.

“Toms Wave” – a promised piece of Art for my son

Part of me thinks I could have taken it further, but it would have become much tighter and lost some of the freshness and energy in the movement. Up close there are lovely areas where the ink had mixed into the wet acrylic and where the drizzle had left its own marks after I had left it outside. (forgot to take photos before I left it.. sorry!)

Phalto Blue (green shade) has become a favourite addition to my colour palette but I have to be careful not to use too much. It really lifts all the other blues into a beautiful turquoise but gives lovely contrast to darker blue mixes.

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