wild flower wedding

Wild flower wedding

Probably not the best of ideas to commit to helping a friend do wild flowers for a wedding in the week leading up to my exhibition, but I just couldn’t resist it. I was flattered to have even been asked!.

Sarah is so wackily impulsive and spontaneous in her flower arranging. It all depends on what is available. She arrived with her little van full of buckets of water and we ambled around the lay-bys and lanes of North Cornwall occasionally jumping over gates to pluck some elusive wild flowers we spotted.

Her business is built around using all wild flowers within a few mile radius of the wedding and as she was coming down from Bath, I managed to do a bit of a recci to source the best spots and also get the permission of a local farmer to have some of the thousands of wild rosehips and flowers down Maer Lane.

Looking into the hedgerows in the height of summer, the variety of wildflower is amazing. Some are better for cutting than others. It is probably why most florists don’t use them, because they can wilt very quickly. So armfuls of wild flowers were quickly plunged up to their necks in water and then stripped, trimmed and conditioned overnight to have a good drink before they would be arranged the next day.

wild flower weddings




















We spent the whole of the next day recreating a hedgerow scene on a pedestal as well as making and creating three large circular head dress chandelier style hanging arrangements to wrap around the poles of the wedding marquee.

Little dainty corsages for all the groomsmen and jars of wild roses and more armfuls of wild clematis were taken to the venue and we had little over an hour to get it all done!.

Safe to say, I haven’t worked so far for ages. It was totally knackering but Sarah with her opera singing and general theatrical antics made it the a very memorable event. It didn’t look bad either and I am totally hooked on using wild flowers.

Sarah’s card was equally epic! 😉 Basically… thank you and I would have been totally f….ed with out you. lol.



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