Canvas Prints


With a feel of contemporary luxury, the framed canvas or rolled canvas limited edition prints are a lovely way to be a collector of Sue's work.  With a very limited print run of between 5 and 25 depending on the image, they are produced to the highest quality here in Cornwall.

With excellent colour and UV protection they retain the canvas texture and detail in the brushmarks and it is often difficult to tell them from the originals. 

If you would like more information, please contact Sue directly -


All images remain the copyright of the artist. Permission to use must be sought with the artist herself.

I recommend you cut a piece of paper or card to size if you are unsure of what size you want. The square are the same all around but the landscape depend on the proportions of the original. This can be guaged by the images here, but if you would like further advice please enquire.

The prices here below are for the longer landscape and average depth. A few are deeper such as October Light and Catching the Light and there is an additional £20 - £40 surcharge.

Landscape Canvas
90cm 100cm 120cm 140cm
£495 £550 £650 £750
( deeper canvas's have an extra £20/£40 charge.)
Square Canvas:
60cm 80cm 100cm
£525 £625 £725


WAVES AND SURF (landscape)

COASTAL ( landscape)