Cornish seascape Duckpool, North Cornwall, titled Liminal

Liminal, Duckpool.

Nestled in Coombe Valley, a timeless place where history has left its mark in the footsteps of Hawker and although it is often open to the vagaries of the weather and storms, there is often a calm too, especially at dawn and dusk. 

This wasn't painted on location due to the size.  From the initial idea to finishing took 6 months.  There was a lot of pondering and consideration for the place and memories of being there, but also the 'feeling of the place and  ' liminal space'.

The ethereal space of nothing, the air between land and sky and sea and coast.  For me, a place to gaze, let the senses feel and expand the mind.  A place where ' we dare to dream'.

Painted in mixed media on a bespoke heavy linen canvas. The wave is lit by moonlight that is suggested in the sky. There are a lot of colours in the darker areas.  The top left has a distant landscape and the foreground lots of texture and colour in the depths. 

The painting is finished in a soft varnish which has been professionally applied for protection and soft sheen. 

It measures 210 cm  x 110 cm  and in set in a grey tray frame with a very slim profile. 

POA.  Please enquire directly with Sue 

There is also a very limited print run of 100cm giclee paper prints available here.

Photos in situ with the frame.