High Seas, Crooklets


This 120 x 50cm painting titled ' High Seas, Crooklets' is part of the Mordros project paintings and was donated and auctioned in the Bude Sea Pool Art Extravaganza which happening at The Falcon Hotel in Bude May 11-13th this year.

It raised a considerable sum for the iconic sea pool where I learnt to swim and still use regularly all year round for safe swimming, winter dips and early morning or evening resets when it's quiet and so beautiful.

Although the original is sold, prints are available (Buy a Print page) and £20 from every purchase will go to the charity 'Friends of Bude Sea Pool'

The painting was painted from our beach hut in July on a blustery day but with bright sunlight. Before too many people hit the beach I had plenty of time to study the movement of the water and build up the layers of colour and movement of the waves. The effect of wet sand and receding water in the foreground adds light and another element to the painting. One of my favourites to date.