Dawn Over Cambeak, Crackington

Crackington Haven oil painting seascape and coast. Cornwall coast painting, Cornish artist, Cambeak, Crackington Haven
Dawn Over Cambeak

Crackington Haven painting of Cambeak, a promontory on the coast just south of the village. With soft morning light and the sunrise warming the air moving down the valley towards the sea, the light is hazy and soft over the cliffs in a slight mist. The cliffs of Crackington are very steep and the coastal path strenuous, but there is a lovely favourite circular walk that takes Cambeak in and this is where the inspiration for this painting came from.

Painted on a large canvas, it has a beautiful sky painted in blended oils. With more detail in the foreground, colour and contrast pick up the various colours, grasses and seed heads. The painting is varnished for protection in a satin varnish.