2012 will be a Painting Sensation

With thoughts of making the New Year resolutions, my head is full of fresh ideas for paintings. With the festive season now done, I can focus on the future and my mind is very much on a solo exhibition (my first!!) at the Willoughby Gallery at the Castle in Bude, North Cornwall.

I have flashes of inspiration, sometimes sparked by words I see written or by views and images while out walking. It’s the sleepy hours that my creative mind starts to come to the fore, as the rest of the days workings start to filter out and dissappear until the morrow. This idea is described in the TED lecture

Elizabeth Gilbert describes the notion of having ideas as images or words that flowing around the world and come to you but you have to grab them by the tail and hold on to them and put them down on paper otherwise they are gone and travelling on to someone else. I love this idea and rather than letting it slip from memory, try and make some notes or a quick drawing.

So plenty to get on with. I won’t be revealing too much about final paintings for the exhibition until nearer the time, but will share some of the thoughts and processes with perhaps little glimpses to tempt the curiosity so please come back and take a look.

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