Has January ever been so beautiful

The weather has a profound effect on how most people feel. January is usually the month of being shut indoors with the fire roaring, while the wind blows and the grey skies are here all day. The past few days however have been beautiful and we have been out all day today and it has been very uplifting. An early walk to Northcott Mouth from Crooklets Beach was absolutely beautiful. Cold, crisp and clear. The offshore breeze was lifting the surf as it rolled in onto the beach and then pulled back taking the stones with it. The sun was still low and creating the most beautiful light through the crests of the waves. It was possible to follow the surf reflected in front of the wave as it curled over and the white reflected edge followed it. There were no surfers here, although several were in the water at Crooklets. Just a few early birds who had brewed up a flask of coffee and were wave watching with us. My one regret was not taking a sketch pad and my camera. The light was wonderful and I have captured a visual snapshot, but I will returnturn tomorrow to take down notes and get pictures .

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