A Poignant Moment at the Gallery

2nd Rangers at my exhibition

Arrived at the Gallery yesterday morning to check paintings and add some cards and the room was full of local dignitaries and 2nd Rangers from America. There were in Bude to unveil a memorial to the U.S. Rangers who were stationed in Bude during the second world war.

My mother has memories of them. They were very generous and threw cigarettes and sweets out their lorries whenever they went through town. My uncle has donated a baseball bat signed by rangers at the time to the local museum which is holding an exhibition of memorabilia and stories based on their time here.

One of the Rangers from Michigan told us they had been to London and were going on to Normandy to visit the war graves. Saving Private Ryan with Tom Hanks was based on a group of 2nd Rangers who were sent to France to find Private Ryan. And unfortunately in reality many of the Rangers never did make it home. They were involved in the d-day landings and also assaults all along the coast of Normandy.

Bude people link to the story.

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