aagh!! ….. didn’t know what else to add to this title. Maybe I will at the end of writing this post.

I am having a wonderful time and am not complaining! The weather has changed for the better, we have had weekends filled with parties, wild weddings, and friends, but NOW I must get down to the nitty gritty of promoting my exhibition. Paintings have been completed for at least three weeks, although a couple have had a last minute tweek; some are still at the framers, many still need titles, but I really, really need to get all the promoting stuff done.That used to involve putting out a few posters and a press release in the local paper. Now, I have to create a facebook event page, email contacts, send invites to friends and people who have bought from me before, make leaflets for hotel drops, update my blog, contact all the websites that have events pages, send out press releases and I have relented and set up a twitter account.

And this has been the thing that feels most alien. Is it a generation thing? I just don’t get it? I joined initially so that I could hear first about TED events in Exeter and the latest gin and tonic tasting sessions at our local off license, but do I have to be checking it every two minutes in case I miss something? I will tweet to promote my exhibition, especially as other tweeters have offered to retweet, but don’t think I will become an addict.

Well, I’ve got to the end of the post and whereas previously writing posts has given me clarity and meaning, I still want to go AAAAAARRRRGGGGGG!!

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