Beach Clean starts with "The Starfish Story"

Washed onto our shores by the Atlantic ocean, plastic is a huge problem on our beaches now. A beach cleaning group already exists at Widemouth Bay and they regularly collect plastic and other rubbish of the beach there.

Spurred on by their efforts, around 30 people gathered at Crooklets Beach on a wild, cold autumn afternoon to do their bit.

Armed with pickers, bags and support from Ado, Michael and Keep Britain Tidy, 30 bags of mostly plastic was collected in an hour and a half. There didn’t appear to be too much spread over the large area of the beach, but when we had collected 30 large bags full in 1 1/2 hours it really struck home how much plastic there is.

If anyone felt in any way daunted by the task in hand, they just need to know that they have made a difference…. which harks back to “The Starfish Story”

We watched a Storm approaching and decided to call it a day and made a dash back to Rosies Cafe for a warm-up and coffee.

There are plans to set up a group for Crooklets Beach. Meanwhile take a look at these… Many thanks to Ado for the links.

Widemouth Bay Task Force

Video.. Plastic Shores

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