Autumn Colours of the Beach

Colours of Autumn are everywhere in the Landscape, but can also be found in the Seascape. Here is a collection of things found on the beach this morning, full of beautiful autumnal colour!

Wanson Mouth Beach is slightly off the beaten track. Accessed by a track over and following a stream down to the sea, it is not a ‘pretty’ beach, but is magical. Sometimes in an eerie way, but more because of the solitude.

It is nearly always deserted and can often resemble a moonscape at low tide. Below the tide line, it is ribbed with sharp low rocks and few surfers brave it. It is quite stony and where there is sand it is a mix of ochre and greys and very gritty. Strewn with weed it looks grey green brown at first glance, but there is a lot of colour, shape and texture in the variety of weed which has been washed up.

A rain cloud approaches in the photo above, looking south over the stream and towards Millook.

Below shows the rocks to the north of the beach. Angular and grey with a beautiful flash of burnt sienna and foamy waves washing in. Somewhere, nowhere, but a place which touches me and inspires many of my paintings.

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