Beach Paradise

driftwood collecting crooklets dec 12 After the coldest night of the winter so far, we weren’t so sure about heading for the beach, but once the sun came round it was glorious. With low sun shimmering on the surf, we scoured the tideline for driftwood and rope to make some christmas decorations.

The beauty of being on the beach this time of year, is that you are often on your own. The rough seas of late have washed up a lot of debris, both from the sea and washed down the rivers.

The other reason for going to the beach was to finish kitting out the bijou beachhut we have rented for three months. Just for the winter, it was cheap enough to have and risk the weather, but we are thinking we will be using it a lot. Cosy isn’t the word. After a quick lick of paint and brush up, I hit the charity shops to find old throws and curtains to add some colour into it. Lots of warm cosy winter colours.

beach hut winter breakwater web

The beach hut is going to become the perfect studio after Christmas. I can keep out of the wind and paint the sea. Lovely!

In the meantime, we are thinking it will be lovely for some lunches, breakfast and mulled wine get togethers. So the beach isn’t just for Summer after all.

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