Bloggers Unite, We Can Change the World

I have literally dropped my paintbrush as I had an epiphany, a “thought”, a “new post” I wanted to hold on to. Grasping it by the tail, I pulled it back desperately trying to hang onto the words.

I think I might have written a diary for two weeks when I was a young girl …… I don’t know why I didn’t keep it up and I have always admired anyone who does. I started out writing my blog as a marketing tool to promote my artwork to the masses, but it has developed into something much more cathartic. It has led to a greater understanding of what I am doing and many many more questions.

Other people have said how much blogging has helped their art. But it goes way beyond this. It connects you with other bloggers, people’s own thoughts and personal experiences who in their own journey of life are recording information, allowing it to be shared, changing and challenged in the most subtle way; the way we think and live our lives. This ultimately has a knock on effect on those around us.

So, whilst the internet has made us in some respects more internal, I think it has also given us greater humanity, generosity and made us smile. So keep Blogging…. We can Change the World.

Footnote: I decided to look up the definition of “cathartic” . From the myriad of words, the definition that was most pertinent to this post was “it is an emotional release linked to a need to release unconscious conflicts, a spiritual renewal ” As I see it, we are conditioned through childhood to hold certain beliefs, things that we think are right and true and ways to control the emotions attached to these beliefs. But … we can change that and this is what I believe us Bloggers are doing.

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