A Bigger Message - hand, eye and heart

When I first saw David Hockney’s paintings of his home territory in Yorkshire, I wasn’t sure about them. This is a very generalised statement as I don’t think any art can be judged unless seen in the flesh. Was it their simplicity? Their greenness!!… that almost pure viridian than seems unreal. But then I realised what the landscape meant to him and I could totally relate to that. Although my surroundings are very different, the connection to the landscape runs just as deep. This may be heightened in the artist eye seeing the landscape in colour and form, peeling back the layers.

I am a great believer that things come to us at the right time – “the law of attraction “as many call it and this is one such instance. I came across a blog called “When the light gets in” – a collection of musings on all things art. I have only followed it for a month, but the most recent post caught my eye.

“A Bigger Message – Conversations with David Hockney , Hand, Eye and Heart.” in which Hockney is quoted as saying ” I have always loved this part of the world, I have known it for a long time” ….. exactly how I feel too.

The book is ordered! and contains a collection of conversations between the artist and art historian and friend Martin Gaysford. I think I am going to learn a lot from this and it might begin to help me understand why I feel such an emotional connection with my landscape and why I feel compelled to express it through the medium of paint.

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