Mordros is a Cornish word for the sound of the sea. It is thought that such a word only exists in Cornish and Polynesian. Given the shape of cornwall, the fact that it has 300 miles of coastline and you are never far from the sea, it’s hardly surprising. Even when the sea is out of view, you can often hear it, as the sound echos up the valleys or even a few miles inland in the still of night when there is a ground sea running.

Living so close to the sea, we take this sound very much for granted and barely notice it. So next time you are in Cornwall, shut your eyes and listen for the sound the of sea. I have been told that there are several other words in the Cornish language which are all sea related, and I am keen to find out more, so will add them in a future post.

My interest in Mordros has inspired my latest paintings and this is to be the title for my exhibition in June. Everyone who lives near the sea has their favourites, A new one I heard today was sea fret, which describes the misty rain that comes in off the Atlantic. Any more?

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