Winter Bonus in the Bongo

Between painting days, there are the usual jobs to be done, housework, shopping etc. Todays list included helping a friend with a decorating dilema, a spot of shopping for my mother and collecting some logs from the farm to keep the fires going.

I was lucky enough to grow up on a working farm and although I have been living down the road for nearly 30 years now since I got married, it is like going home. My childhood is so full of memories and experiences, although that way of like has changed dramatically over the years. But the basics haven’t changed at all. We went to fetch logs from the endless supply of old trees or fallen trees that are chopped and seasoned every year but ended up with a veritable feast in the van – fresh eggs, sprouts on stalks, a swede, homemade seville marmalade and four skinned rabbits. How lucky are we!

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