Bongo becomes a makeshift studio

I have been wanting to paint outside for a long time. Photographs just aren’t giving me what I want and the memories are not held strong enough for detail, so I emptied out all the camping gear and pushed the seats as far forward as possible. This made a space just big enough for me to climb in the back, have some shelter from the elements but also a great view into the open when the back door is up.

Bongo studio

With a flask of tea made I drove to Widemouth Bay and positioned myself in the viewpoint carpark. It was then I discovered I hadn’t packed any yellow paint. I had grabbed a selection of umbers, blues and white and siennas, thankfully including raw sienna which would have to mix to provide some dull yellows. It was a grey day anyway,so although somewhat challenging, I was up for it and managed to mix most of the colours I wanted.

The light was perfect, slightly misted in the distant, with a grey sea which set off the blue greys and pale ochres, and burgundys of the brush and grasses on the cliff, and I managed to also get several good photographs for future projects.

Although a bit tight for space, it worked fine. I could jump out to refresh the water, spatter paint if needed, or keep cosier in the confines of the back of the van which was much more comfortable, painting out of the very sneaky cold wind. Just as well you can’t see the middle of the van…. thats where all the junk from the back has been thrown!

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