Creative Mojo

Where’s my mojo?? A bad back – my own fault, too much dancing. Winter in June – can you believe this weather!! and Wimbledon, all mean I have had a very uneventful week. However, it was brightened today by having coffee with two artist friends at the gallery where I am part of the “Eye to Cornwall” exhibition at the moment (see previous posts for details). It is very refreshing to get a different viewpoint from other artists and Gabrielle, by name and by nature is a real Angel. She has such charisma, intelligence and love, she lights up your day whenever you meet her. Encouraged by her comments, I came home, researched how to make my own canvases instead of buying ready made and started playing around with a newly discovered paint programme online. It is called ArtRage. . This link will take you to a download which gives you a whole month to play around with it for free. After working hard to get the exhibition pieces together, I realise the importance of play, new experiences with art, and taking time to try new things which are all working to bring back my “creative mojo”

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