Fun in the Sand , Beach Sculptures

A laid back Sunday was planned. Lazy breakfast, maybe a swim and then singing with the choir at the Surf Club at 4pm.

But after a couple glasses of wine with friends the night before, Jane and I were inveigled into a beach sculpture event. Organised by Bude Arts and Music at Northcott Beach, the plan was to build Bude out of sand..or at least the best bits. We did get a bit overexcited and ambitious with our plans but decided to start with the breakwater and let it build out from there.

Up early, four of us grabbed everything we thought might be useful from watersprays, shovels, scrappers, brushes, pots and buckets and arrived at the beach. We paid our £2 entry, and found a great spot to start excavations.

And I mean excavations. Jane and I had brought cornish shovels which meant we could move large amounts of sand pretty quickly. Once clad in stones, the breakwater was taking shape and we had a natural harbour as there was a stream and rockpool on one side.

Annie arrived after finishing cleaning her rooms. She is one of Budes leading Bed and Breakfast Landladies and very particular with her rooms. I think she was pretty impressed with what we had achieved, though I’m not sure it fitted her vision. It was after all her idea initially anyway. But once she saw the general layout, she got very involved in building the seapool. The only problem was keeping it full of water. Sand likes to drain away and her plastic bag had a hole in it.

We only had two hours and always knew we would have to leave before the finish because of other committments, but the time flew! Finishing touch was by Jane.. #bigupbude

Winning team of girls

We had a quick chat with Sarah, one of the organisers and admired the trophies she had made from driftwood and other beach material. We had actually won, but couldn’t stay which meant we had to forfeit our prize, but because there were no children on the team, really weren’t worried. It was after all just for fun, and fun was what we had.

Sarah with her brilliant trophies

After a quick cup of tea and a spruce up it was hot foot down to the Surf Life Saving Club at Bude to sing in the choir, as part of their 60th Anniversary celebrations.

Choir singing at The Surf Club

What a inspired fun filled but really worthwhile day to spend with friends and play .. even if 3/4 of us are in our fifties.

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