Get into the sea!!

I have not painted for the last 6 weeks and it has been a welcomed break. There have been weddings, festivals, and parties to go to and although we haven’t ventured far, when the weather is fine I am in holiday mode. With the sea temperature rising, it has been glorious to get into the water again and there has been some great surf the last few days. Once I get in the water, I can’t wait to go in again. I am disappointed though by the lack of swimmers who are au naturel – not literally in the buff, but definately without a wetsuit. 10 years ago, no-one wore a wetsuit unless you were a serious surfer. Now those to be seen entering the water in a bikini, swimsuit or shorts are in the minority and can be counted on one hand. It is a great shame as they are missing out on a vital connection with the ocean. When you immerse yourself in seawater your skin absorbs minerals from the sea and after a few days your skins becomes beautifully soft and moisturized. I have not needed the cocoa butter for the past week. You also feel far more vitalised. Ok… there maybe an initial sharp intake of breath, but the water soon starts to feel great and when you walk back out through the shallows it feels as warm as bath water. So this post is to encourage everyone to … Get into the sea!!

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