New Venture; paint greetings cards - if I have the time!

August has been a month of dipping in and out of summer events, beach, coffee with friends and catching up with family and extended family. I haven’t picked up a paintbrush with my hand, but in my head have painted a thousand pictures. This spawned the idea of creating quick vignettes on blank cards for two close friends as I was struggling to find a card among the thousands that are now out there, and even the funny ones either didn’t hit the spot or had been done before and all cards now seem to be incredibly expensive.

So… in an hour with my first cup of tea in the morning, I have painted a couple of cards in acrylic for close friends which have unwittingly made perfect presents in themselves.

Card for Annie - It's ok. she's already seen it.

The whole idea of painting something quickly first thing in the morning reminded me of the paintings that David Hockney created on his ipad from his bedroom each morning and sent to friends which were turned into a massive exhibition. Maybe I am onto something here!!

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