Light on the Water - The Autumn Equinox

Light on the Water - The Autumn Equinox

I have lived outside for most of the summer, either in the garden, on the beach or in the van. I am a summer person and love the feeling of the sun on my skin. My soul is fed by the infinite views of beach and coast that form my paintings. I spend as much time as possible in the sea, jumping waves, diving under or with my bellyboard shredding some waves and green water and washing right up onto the sand. My skin is shiny, fed by minerals in the sea and I glow.

So as we come to the change in the seasons, as I get older I feel them even more. I have more awareness. I don’t ever remember thinking about the weather and how it affected me when I was younger. I discovered a celtic word for the autumn equinox ‘Alban Elfed’. The direct translation means ‘light on the water’. I fell in love with this when my son pointed out the druids used this to read the seasons. Standing on the beach in September, the light sparkles and glistens and washes everything in gold and silver. The sun lower in the sky creates the most beautiful seascapes.

The equinox and big tides and big weather have created chaos in my mind. Loss of focus, ideas, being indoors, but it’s only out of chaos we find order.

So my mindset is shifting. The seasons are not static. The resistance is lessening. We hear the word ‘ embrace’ and that is what I want to do. I will dress appropriately, walk in the rain. Water after all is the key to life. I may even swim into November. Wanna join me?

In the Sea, September Waves, Bude
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