Cornwall Art Film - the making

Cornwall Art Film - the making

In July with film maker Charlie Key, we made an art film in Cornwall.

With the year turned upside down by a Pandemic and my plans for my brilliant 60th birthday all out of the window, it was time to reassess my year. Instead of stepping back from my art to travel and party, I threw myself into my art and decided a film which encompassed all I was thinking and living through my art would be the perfect thing.

The film’s release at the end of September was the most perfect timing with the arrival of our first grandchild, Stevie Elvenny. ( I painted a sparkling seascape called Elvenny ten years ago . Elvenny is sparkle in the Cornish language.) What a lovely legacy for her.

Charlie Key is a friend of my sons, and I had seen a film he made about a local surfer. Full of soul and emotion, I knew he would understand what I was wanting to protray.

Charlie was just inspirational and an absolute joy to work with. With so many ideas, I let him lead it totally and trusted his instincts to make a beautiful film…. and he did.

I loved painting in the studio and walking around the farm. I spent an hour in the cupboard in the dark answering Charlie’s questions to get the audio and speaking parts. But the evening on the beach and finally filming in the sea was the most memorable.

It was nearly dark and the tide low. No one was around and it was still warm in mid July. The sun was setting and the colour of the water changed dramatically. The resulting shots were just mesmerising.

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