Magnificent March in Cornwall

We are experiencing temperatures we usually expect in July and August at the moment. Combined with the freshness of Spring, everyone is trying to spend as much time outside as possible at the moment.

Up early this morning, I captured a couple of photos. From where I live, I only have to walk 500 yards and I am on the beach and cliffs. This also means access to the southwest path which runs all around the coast of Cornwall and Devon. A favourite walk is along the cliff top to Northcott Mouth. The views back towards the Bude Bay are amazing and like a lot of Cornwall, spectacular and easily accessible.

Don is a keen nature watcher and spotted the first sandmartins of the year returning to their cliff side nests. We also watched the larks pairing off and flocks of gulls were way out to sea feeding on small fry that had come up to warm in the sun. What would have topped it off was to see a bass darting through the surf and waves. The sun was directly behind us and still fairly low in the sky, making the waves translucent as they formed before breaking into surf. The gorse is a fantastic contrast to the blues of the sea and I took several photos. This photo is particularly for some friends who have been landlocked for a few months at a ski resort in France. Although I know they have had a fantastic time, I think this will make it easier to come home.

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