No Snow, just Winter Sunshine

Sue painting in January sunshine! painting day at the beach hut, January 2013 Bude rarely sees the snow and this January was no exception. A little snow dust was all I saw one morning. But we did have a few lovely sunshiny days and out of the wind it was quite warm.

I packed up the painting gear and headed to the beach. I took some handmade watercolour paper and dusted off my watercolours. The sky and sea were put down very quickly and the handmade paper holds the pigment really well. Painting outdoors meant for quick work as it dried quickly and colour mixing had to be quick. The waves were dark green underneath and getting this colour was quite a challenge, but wow.. has it made for an interesting painting. This is being worked on back in the studio and will form part of my exhibition in May. I am thinking of grouping the work done outside together. I think it will be different and quite apparent it was created and worked with the immediacy of painting outside.

By lunchtime, the air was chilling off and the sun getting lower. Some dark clouds started to appear and blanked out the sun very suddenly. How things can change so quickly. Before I left I took a couple of photo and this one shows the dramatic atmospheric skies of a winter beach on this North Cornish coastline

Taken mid afternoon when dark clouds suddenly appeared

Taken mid afternoon when dark clouds suddenly appeared

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