Smile, Inspire, Be Grateful. Looking forward to 2013

No pressure…. the last post on my blog of the year and my 100th too. The last couple of days have been spent trying to think of a punchy great last post to write when it came to me this morning while lying in bed listening to the howling gale outside. Waking with an uncluttered mind, most of my inspired ideas for paintings come to me as visual images early in the morning as do ideas and starting points for writing. Here goes!

With christmas over and the New Year on the horizon, I realised how excited I am about the arrival of a New Year. simple as that.

There hasn’t been much time for Art the last three months, so with a clear calendar for the next two months, there will be a lot of concentrated painting. With a commission, a solo exhibition in May, and enquiries for more Art Prints, it is going to be a goodun!.

I am already looking forward to experimenting with some large canvas directly on the beach and using the our bijou winter beach hut as a haven from the weather, where I can be directly in touch with the elements which I hope will add an extra dimension to my work.

2012 was a great year with lots of new opportunities. I learnt to concentrate on and be grateful for everything I have and not to concentrate on what I don’t have which makes you want more, I realised that whilst my wallet is small, my heart is big, my tastes are simple but my dreams expansive, my faults are many but my merits more. So I wish everyone a Happy Prosperous New Year.

Feel free to adopt my motto. “Smile, Inspire, Be Grateful” It comes back at you in bucket loads!

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