Trevone, a coastline pocket of loveliness

Padstow and Bude are both in North Cornwall, but in many ways poles apart. The coastline is softer around the camel estuary with more sand dunes, whereas Bude is a haven with the steepest most dramatic cliffs towering down towards it on both sides, from High Cliffs, around Boscastle from the south and Hartland Point in the north.

Last week I had reason to go to Trevone, a small village just outside Padstow. Padstow lies on a peninsula and you can always find a beach which is sheltered from the winds, and Trevone, tucked on the southern edge of that peninsula was an oasis of calm and warmth.

Trevone Beach. Think this must be a future painting!

This is in stark contrast to what we had left behind in Bude, as most of our beaches tend to face directly out the Atlantic and when the wind blows, it can feel relentless This can be great on a real ‘blow the cobwebs away day,’ as the surf rolls in, with miles of beach to walk at low tide as you gaze at the cliff formations in awe, but after a ‘not so good summer’ enough is enough!

Padstow feels cosy, but is well trodden by visitors. The surrounding area though if explored has lots of little pockets of loveliness and one is Trevone. I have always prided myself on thinking there aren’t many places I haven’t visited in Cornwall, but as I recall, I have never been here. The beach would be very busy in summer, but in winter sheltered from northerly winds and with blues skies of winter it must be heaven.

In the village there is an new development of modern barns for holiday rentals which have been interior designed and decorated by Jill Stein and Cathryn Bishop. Cathryn contacted me in the summer asking for a range of prints from my originals to put in these new barns. Light and airy, and beautifully decorated, my artwork looks fabulous in all the bedrooms. Jill has a deep connection with this coastline which she could relate to in my artwork and by choosing just my artwork for all the barns gives great continuity.

Having 14 paintings in the four barns is like having a mini exhibition. All are printed on artist quality paper and framed in soft driftwood style frames to fit in with the relaxed beach style and I have made them limited edition prints all hand signed and titled. I have to admit that one or two look better than the originals, possibly because of the mounts and framing which give them a really professional finish. Jill is very keen to promote my art and keep a connection running, so my next job is to develop my website which will allow people to access and buy the prints.

A sneaky peak of one of the bedrooms with my artwork

Here is the link to the development which will be available for rent very soon.

Steins at Trevone Farm

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